Maryline Cauthen Westenhaver came to Dickson county Tennessee inquiring about the people named Cauthen that lived in the area. One of the people she talked with was Harold Cauthen. I am not sure but this seemed to spur his interest in his ancestors. Harold got permission from Amy Odessa Cauthen to have pictures made of the family bible that was handed down to her from her father Dave Cauthen. This bible contained information on several generations of Cauthens and thanks to Harold we will have pictures and information that could not be known otherwise. Maryline included this information in her now famous book in a section entitled  "Cauthens Unidentified".

When I started my own search I talked to her and she related to me that she was not able to place my great great grand father William with any line in her book. To date I have not found any solid information about his parents. I have by searching the archives and with the help of others been able to further what is known about him and his family.

I would like to acknowledge the following people and if I leave anyone out please forgive me. This search has been over a long span of years and I do not remember all the people that I talked to or that sent me information.

Sue Airhart that sent me a lot of information about Patsy Lovell who Was William Alexander Cauthen's second wife.

Cheri Horn and Rita Carrell who supplied a lot of information on the Adkinsons.

Karen Nicole Rose who had a lot of information on her website about Benjamen Franklin Cauthen.

And many others. Thanks much!