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William Alexander's Bible

I have never personally seen this Bible. Harold Cauthen photographed the pages containing relevant information and gave me a set of photographs made from the original negatives. The last time I checked, the Bible was passed down to Ray Frizzel Jr. son of Amy (Cauthen) Frizzel. The Bible was in poor shape and some of the dates and names are hard to read. I have scanned these pages and reproduced them on this website in order to help researchers. The following transcript is the best I am able to produce by looking at these old writings. 

First Page

Alexandria Cothren was Bornd the 20 of September 1821
Elizabeth Cothren was Bornd March the 16, 1819
James (N?) Cothren was Bornd 1 of  December 1839
William A. Cothren was Bornd 1 of September 1841
John M. Cauthern was Bornd 3 of November 1843

Opposite page:

James Ezell Was Bornd February 12, 1797
William A. Cothren (barely visible)
Isaac M. Goins Was bornd  .........1851 ( barely visible date could be wrong)
Benjamon F. Couthren Was Borned 18..

Fourth Page:

Sary Jane Cauthen Was Bornd September 27, 1845
Mary Elizabeth Cauthern Was Bornd  March 22, 1847
Thomas A. Cothren Was bornd    25
Charity Cilveby Cauthen Was Bornd July the 26, 1851
Joslin Jordan Cauthen  Was bornd July the 26, 1854
L W Lovel

Third Page:

Joslin Jordan Cauthen departed this life the 13 of July 1855
Thomas A  Cauthen departed this life the 19th of July 1855
Benjamin Franklin Cauthen Was Bornd April 18, 1857
Patsey M. Lovell Was borned August the 15, 1825
T A Coxs (only the A is plain)

Sixth Page:

David A. Cauthen Was Born June the 3 this 1862
Lida D. Cauthen was Bornd  December the 5 this 1864
George W. Lovell Was born January  the 12 this 1863
John Adkinson Was B.   June the 10, 1814 (1819?)
William Adkinson Was Born February 1, (1811?)

Fifth Page:

Annie M Cauthen Was Bornd September 4, 1884
Joseph Ivan Cauthen was bornd January 27, 1886
Lenah Bethia Cauthen was Bornd May 1, 1888
Laval Franklin Cauthen was Bornd May 17, 1891
Maudie May Cauthen was Bornd August 15, 1892
Eligah Alexander Cauthen was Bornd May the 5, 1894
Martha Devoid Cauthen was Bornd January 28, 1896
Eugene Houston Cauthen was Bornd April 25, 1898
Mamie Florence Cauthen was Bornd Dec. 23, 1899
Rufus Edward Cauthen was Bornd April 19, 1902

Back of title page:
Henry Rufus Edward Cauthen was Bornd April 19, 1902
Anie Odessie Cauthen was Bornd June 17, 1905

On another page:

Lena Bethia Brown Departed this life August the 4, 1909
William A, Cauthen (no date)
Benjamin Cauthen (cannot read the rest)

On back of cover:

Marriage (nothing else legible)