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Parents                                                                          Children

David Alexander Cauthen born 6/3/1862
                                        died 8/27/1948
Married Sept. 1883

Lida Devoid Jones born 12/5/1864 
                             died 4/15/1935
Annie M. Cauthen born 9/6/1884 died 9/27/1884
Joseph Ivan Cauthen born 1/27/1886 died 6/23/1971
Lenah Bethia Cauthen born 5/1/1888 died ?
Laval Franklin Cauthen born 5/17/1891 died 4/13/1980
Maudie May Cauthen born 8/15/1892 died 5/12/1978
(Lige)Elijah Alexander Cauthen born 5/5/1894
                                                died 5/9/1981
Martha Devoid Cauthen born 1/28/1896 died 3/4/1977
Eugene Houston Cauthen born 4/25/1898 died?
Mamie Florence Cauthen born 12/23/1899 died?
(Henry) Rufus Edward Cauthen b 4/19/1902 d8/25/1975
Amy Odessie Cauthen born 6/17/1905