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Parents                                                                          Children

Joseph Ivan Cauthen  born 1/27/1886
(Granddaddy Ivan)    died  6/23/71


Rose Lee Ashworth  born 2/22/1885 
(Granny Rosy)          died  6/22/1963
Walter Cauthen born 7/12/1907 died 10/14/1971
Lyndorf (Lynn) Cauthen born 2/12/1909 died 1/13/1972
Theodore Clayton Cauthern born 4/8/1911
Robert Earl Cauthen born 3/22/1913 died 1/1977
Edward Clifton Cauthen born 2/25/1916
Edna Odessa Cauthen    born 2/25/1916
Harold Emmitt Cauthen born 9/13/1918
Archie Lee Cauthen born 5/2/1920
William (Red) Kermit Cauthen born  9/9/1921