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Welcome to The Cauthen Family Website. My name is Joe Cauthen and I hope you enjoy visiting here. As I get time, and find more information, I will keep adding to this website. If you have any information that you feel needs to be included on this website feel free to email me at

 Notice: Some websites are showing Ludy Cauthen as the father of William Alexander Cauthen born in 1821 in Tennessee. I presume this is an attempt to connect him to Richard Cauthorn IV born in 1674. To date they have provided no evidence for this conclusion. I have written a couple of the people posting this and have received no proof. This posting of Ludy Cauthen as William's father has caused many researchers to assume a connection has been made and stop the search for William's father. This has done a great disservice to those wanting to know their true ancestry.  If anyone has any evidence proving William Alexander's parentage please email me and I will gladly post it here.

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